Market Rules

Mission Statement

The Estacada Farmers Market serves as a marketplace to provide fresh, locally grown food, plants, along with unique arts and crafts in support of the local community, agriculture and small businesses.

Market Governance

The Market Committee governs the Estacada Farmers Market. Daily management of the market, vendors, entertainments schedules, fundraisers, special events and all other market activities are supervised by the Volunteer Market Committee.

Market Time and Season

The Estacada Farmers Market will be OPEN for business on Saturdays of each month May thru September from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Vendors have the option to open their booth early (not prior to 9:00 am), if desired. Vendors must be vacated from the market no later than 3:00 pm. Late departure can be approved by the On-Site Manager on a case-by-case basis.

General Rules

Each market date will have an assigned Market Manager and the Manager will post a sign in their booth indicating this responsibility. Market day governance shall be the sole responsibility and at the discretion of the On-Site Market Manager.

The Market Manager of the day will assign vendor spaces (NOTE: A vendor will have the right to the space used the week prior, thus “reserving” their space. A vendor will forfeit this privilege if: 1) they are not present at the market for 2 consecutive market days; 2) are not present at the market by 9:15 am.) The Market Manager is responsible for the overall functioning of the market on their assigned day – this includes: Collecting fees (please bring space fees to the manager as time permits) and enforcing market rules.

The market reserves the right to: limit the number of spaces assigned to a vendor, prohibit the sale of any product, enforce the market rules, and to inspect all vendor facilities. The Market Manager may also close and/or cancel the market if weather conditions are extreme and present a danger to the vendors/public.

Registration and Booth Space Fees

All vendors are required to submit a signed application each year prior to obtaining a booth space. By signing this application you agree to follow all rules of conduct. Application fee and your first week’s booth space fee are due upon application submission. Booth space fees shall be paid one week in advance. Fees are based on a 10’x10’ space and are as follows:

Application Fee = 10×10 Booth Space -$20.00

Weekly 10×10 Booth Space Fee = $15.00

Weekly 10X20 Booth Space Fee = $25.00

Non-profit, community services (no sales allowed) = no fee (dependent on available space)

Rules of Conduct

  • Market Managers must be on-site by 8:00 a.m. on their assigned market days.

  • Vendors must check with Market Manager before unloading/setting up if they do not have an assigned space.

  • Vendors must be fully set up for business by 9:45 a.m.

  • Market closes at 2 p.m., vendor tear down or vehicle moving to load prior to 2 p.m. is NOT permitted.

  • A vendor will have the right to the space used the week prior, thus “reserving” their space. A vendor will forfeit this privilege if: 1) they are not present at the market for 2 consecutive market days; 2) are not present at the market by 9:15 a.m. Market manager reserves the right to move vendors if it will benefit the market as a whole.

  • Booth Spaces are 10’x10’. Expansion of booth size is allowed as space and conditions permit; check with the Market Manager.

  • Vendors needing to be absent from a scheduled day must notify a Market Manager at least 48 hours prior to market day. This means no later than Thursday morning 11 am otherwise you forfeit your prepaid space fee for the week. Adverse weather and emergencies will be handled on an individual basis.

  • Vendors are responsible for maintaining their space in a safe and clean manner. Displays should be arranged to minimize trip and fall hazards with attention to public safety.

  • ALL CANOPIES MUST BE SECURED! Vendor’s failing to adequately secure their tent are subject to a fine of $100.00. All tents must be weighted down with 25lbs per tent leg.

  • Vendors will be held financially responsible for any and all damages to property cause by improperly secured canopies.

  • The playing of radios or other electronic devices within the market is prohibited.

Vendor Rules

  • All vendors must be aware of and comply with local, state and national rules and regulations regarding the sale of their product(s).

  • All vendors subject to licensing must post all applicable licenses, permits and certifications at each market. Vendors claiming ‘Certified Organic’ must post proof of certification.

  • Vendors are to know that the committee reserves the right to verify (by home/farm visit) that their product is a farm/home produced product.

  • A minimum of 75% of product for sale at a vendor’s booth must be grown, or produced/crafted by the vendor. Any product not grown or produced by the vendor will clearly state: where it was grown/produced and the name of the business the product was acquired from. Approval from the Market committee for any such item must be given prior to offering it for sale.

  • All vendors must have proper signage that states the name and location of their farm/business.

  • Vendors are expected to always behave in a courteous and professional manner. Vendors shall not act in a discriminatory or aggressive manner against any other vendor or customer. All disputes must be handled outside of market operating hours, not abiding to this can result in loss of prepaid space fee and/or being banned from the market.

  • Vendors are responsible for removing their own garbage and cleaning up around their space at the close of each market day. Take all trash with you at the end of the market day. Food vendors must provide a garbage for their customers.

  • Vendors must provide their own tables, scales, containers, change, pricing, bags, signage, trash receptacles and any other item required for their booth display and operation.

  • Vendors must provide for their own licensing, permits and any product liability insurance. The market does not provide individual product liability insurance.

  • All scales must meet the standards and certification as outlined by the ODA Measurement Standards division.

  • Vendors may not smoke on the market grounds.

  • All vendors should be familiar, and are expected to comply with the Farmers Market Guidelines: Minimum Requirements for Food Safety, published by the ODA, March 2013. All Market Managers shall keep a current copy of this publication at the market.

  • Vendors are expected to oversee the operation and management of their booth space. Any theft or loss of product is the sole responsibility of the vendor.

  • Vendors are expected to have a physical product for sale at the market. Subscriptions or commission sales are allowed, but cannot be the sole product available.

  • Vendors dismissed or suspended from the Market, for any reason, may not return until and unless they are approved by review of the Market Committee.

Market Products

  • Produce: Produce sold by weight must be weighed using a certified scale, with an up-to-date inspection sticker applied. The market Manager reserves the right to remove any product that is deemed unfit or of poor quality. Wild-crafted items, such as fungi, should be harvested in a sustainable manner and seller must post any required permits. All food items must be displayed and/or stored above ground, to keep them out of reach of children or dogs.

  • Arts and craft: Items must be hand crafted, and are subject to jury by the Board of Directors.

  • Food items/prepared foods: Items must be prepared in a licensed kitchen, and may be subject to jury by the Board of Directors prior to sale. If using heating or cooking devices, vendor must have a working fire extinguisher at their booth at all times. All gray water, ice, etc. must be poured into city sewer systems gutters, or storm drains – Not onto the landscape. All food items must be displayed and/or stored above ground, to keep them out of reach of children or dogs.

  • Sale of Animals: Vendors must check with the Market Coordinator prior to bringing any animal to market for sale. Only livestock animals will be permitted. All animals must be kept 20 feet away from any food product. Live animals will have adequate shade and water and will be treated humanely at all times. If the public will touch animals, vendor must provide a handwashing station. No butchering of animals will be permitted at market site. Vendor must ensure all animal waste is properly removed at the end of the market day.

  • Nursery Products: Nursery products and plants shall be principally propagated by the vendor from plugs, seeds, cuttings, bulbs, or plant divisions. Plants appearing on Oregon’s noxious plant listing shall not be sold. Vendors who sell nursery products and plants are required by the state to obtain a nursery license if annual sales exceed $250.00.


  • Vendor vehicles must be cleared from the parking lot by 9:45 a.m.

  • All vendor vehicles need to be parked in the vendor lot (gravel lot across the street). Moving closer to load is not permitted until AFTER 2 p.m.

  • The Board of Directors will consider exceptions to this policy for any physically disabled vendor.

Product Pricing/Exclusivity/Politics

  • Vendor prices must be clearly marked or posted and meet ODA rules and requirements for weight and packaging.

  • Collusion and deceptive pricing practices are prohibited. Vendors are not allowed to pressure, harass, or bully other vendors regarding product pricing.

  • The market does not guarantee any vendor the exclusive right to sell any one product.

  • The market may determine a particular product is adequately represented and reject further applications for sales in that category.

  • No petitions or political campaigning of any kind is allowed at the Market.